These are the standard terms and conditions of ‘Ibiza Platinum Sound’ henceforth referred to as “IPS”.

1 – This contract is intended to be a simple agreement to set out the terms and conditions for the hire of equipment and services from IPS to The Client. This service includes the delivery, setup and collection of the equipment within reasonable limits. It also includes the engineering of the equipment and instructions on how to use the equipment on a “best endeavours” basis.

2 – IPS agrees to provide the equipment as specified in the chosen package inventory [see www.ibizaplatinumsound.com for the inventories of the various packages available] and will set up appropriately at the venue.

3 – The hiring period commences at 12:00hrs on the first date of the hire period unless otherwise agreed in writing. The hire period terminates at 12:00hrs on the last date of the hire period unless otherwise agreed in writing. If access is not possible and delivery is delayed, waiting shall be charged at €20.00 per hour. After waiting for 1 hour IPS has the right to return to base and charge for 1 day’s rental. If IPS is not able to gain access to make collection, IPS has the right to charge an extra day at the same rate as the hire, and for each subsequent day that collection of the equipment is not possible.

4 – Whilst IPS will endeavour to ensure that all equipment under hire arrives at the agreed time, IPS cannot be held responsible for any losses in the event of late arrival or cancellation of the hire, due to unforeseen circumstances out of its control.


i. A Refundable Security Deposit of at least €1,000.00 is required by credit card payment to the IPS Secure PayPal account at least 48 hours prior to the event. This will be refunded no later than 48 hours after the hire period is complete, subject to deductions for damage and/or loss of equipment.

ii. The agreed equipment rental fee is to be paid in cash after the equipment has been set up and sound check has been completed. The company reserves the right to remove the equipment at the end of sound check if this condition is not met.

6 – For the duration of the hire, the client understands that the equipment is under their care and control, and agrees to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well being of the equipment. When not in sight of the client equipment must be kept in a locked secure room. The client must arrange for their own insurance to cover the equipment, and agrees any losses, direct or indirect, will be repaid to the IPS in full. These include the cost of the lost/damaged equipment and the loss of earnings if it is not replaced.

7 – Any damage to the equipment whilst in the Client’s care will be paid for in full by the Client.

8 – Any loss of equipment whilst in the Client’s care, will be paid for in full by the Client.

9 – The equipment once set-up cannot be moved to a different location without the express permission of IPS. IPS will carry out any move of equipment due to a change of venue and there will be an associated call out charge.

10 – Clients are responsible for operating the equipment with respect to local and national laws in Ibiza and will protect the same against distress, execution or seizure and indemnify the Company against all losses, costs, charges, damages and expenses incurred by it by reason or in respect thereof.